About American Mah Jongg
Welcome to the place to learn about American Mah Jongg, the game so many people are learning to play today and so many people who played it years ago are relearning. Maybe you recall times when a family member or a friend played Mah Jongg years ago and you still remember the sound of the click and clatter of the tiles. READ MORE
Beginner's Guide to American Mah Jongg
People have traditionally learned the game from other people who knew how to play. But unfortunately, in most instances, players were not teachers.  People learned the game by osmosis and catch as catch can. There was nothing to really learn the game properly. Until now! READ MORE
Standard Mah Jongg Set
When you learn to play the game, you need to have an American Mah Jongg set (not a Chinese Mah Jongg set). A modern standard America set contains 166 tiles (14 extra tiles), racks, dice and other accesories most players don't use in the game, like betting chips. READ MORE If you wish to see and/or purchase standard set or a standard set click here
American Mah Jongg Questions
Click here to ask your mah jongg questions or write your comments about the book or set. However, I cannot find players. Sorry.